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How to find your job abroad

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Welcome to the Club Teli : a non-profit organization that will help you save a lot of time to find your job abroad or an internship abroad.
Whether you are looking for a permanent job, a summer job, volunteering, an au pair family or simply information about international mobility, the Club Teli is for you! You want to work in marketing, business, tourism, with children, animals, in sociocultural activities, au pair, in sales, in hotel business, catering or anything else, we can help you.
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Since 1992, we have developed a vast network of partners and gathered valued experience to make your professional travelling a lot easier. Beyond international job offers, the Club Teli gives you a personalized help, guiding throughout the whole process of finding a job abroad.

You will find our large database to be very resourceful, as it contains thousands of actualized job offers. Our website also contains testimonies of our members who have chosen us to help them get ahead in their various projects. In fact, the Club Teli is like a family of travelers, sharing experiences and information.

The Club Teli also offers conferences on international mobility everywhere in France.